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Thank You, Lostpedian!

I logged into Yahoo just now and found this email from "Lostpedian"...

lostpedian@*****.*** wrote:
If you adjust the color balance of the ntoe and rotate it, you can see"www.EYE14.Blogger" in faint writing. Go to http://eye14.blogspot.com/.


S/he is right! There's a message from the kidnappers at that website. It says:

Sunday, October 08, 2006
Congratulations... you've solved our first clue. Because you're seeing this, you were able to turn a paper sideways. Great job.

Unfortunately, that was our easiest clue, just to see how smart you are. Things are going to get harder.

Much, much harder.

Your girlfriend is fine, and so is her mother. Quite the feisty one you have there. She resisted capture fairly well... Too bad we're all 4400. Some of us have abilities that would make Boyd Gelder jealous.

Watch the club for further instructions.
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I guess my assumptions were right last night; the Seattle Roll Call website is going to play a part in this. It looks like Stan Cherry (the owner of Seattle Roll Call) found the hacks and deleted them, though. I hope they weren't important, because then I'm out of luck.

I'll post again when something happens.