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Sorry I Haven't Blogged In A While...

...but I had nothing to blog about. I'm getting worried. I haven't heard anything from the kidnappers in a few days... ever since that note was left on my doorstep. I realized that the capitalized letters led to a blog from Janice Moss, supposedly one of the kidnappers. http://www.eyeofthewolf.blogspot.com. I dunno what all that means, but I guess I should pay attention to it.

I'm really sorry I've left you all out in the dark lately. I've been trying to catch up with school, and I haven't been doing so well. The twins are both sick with something (possibly pneumonia, which is creeping me out.) I haven't spoken to Jake; whenever I see him coming in the hallway I go the other way. It's still really awkward; the more I think about what he did, the more I think he was under the influence of one of the Eye of the Snake.

So, I'm sorry, but that's about it for now. As soon as I get word of something from the kidnappers, I'll let you know. I'm guessing, from the Eye of the Wolf blog, that they're getting settled into wherever they moved to.

Hopefully I'll have something to write soon!