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Seattle Roll Call Is Closing!

I am shocked.  Yesterday, Seattle Roll Call put up an announcement on its website that they're closing because of the disappearance of Stan Cherry.  I'm certain The Eye of the Snake has him.  What else could it be?  They said he disappeared on Thursday, which was the same night they told me to "BEGIN" and filmed me from outside my house.  Ugh.  Things are getting scary. 
Now that they've left Seattle, they're not going to be able to kidnap anyone else close to me.  That's a plus, I guess, but I really hope they're not going to hurt the ones they've already taken.  I have been trying not to think lately of what I'll feel like if this is all for nothing, and they inject Emmy anyway at the end.  I'm going to be furious... and possibly a bit suicidal...
Everything else seems to have been quiet today.  I noticed the Eye of the Snake YouTube has another image link in the Channel Title field... another profile... another clue that leads nowhere new.  I guess it's good to know more about the people who took Emmy, but what if it's fake?  What if it's an alias?  What if it doesn't really matter?  What if they're trying to frame normal 4400s?  It's kind of weird, though, that both profiles we've gotten so far have people with tattoos of animals on their left arms. 
People today are asking me when Emmy's going to get better.  It's frustrating.  I really wish I could ask somebody REAL for help, but we all know that's not going to happen.  I need to do this by myself with people I've never met (and who've never met Emmy.) 
So, I have to go for today.  If you see anything let me know.