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A New Day Dawns

I was up practically all night again looking for the image the kidnappers wrote about on the Eye14 site. The twins went to bed at 8:30, and I've been surfing the Internet ever since, juxtaposing every strange image I found with anything I knew about the kidnappers. Unfortunately, I came up with zilch.

I saw some suspicious text over at the Seattle Roll Call site, but I didn't know how to get the image from "image: jpeg 2itg7s0".

That's where Lostpedian comes in again. S/he told me to check out this link. When I did, I found part of an image, just like the kidnappers hinted at. It looks like it has part of a website address on it, but I can't make it out. Help, anyone? Post any possibilities over at the forum, if you don't mind, or comment them on this post.

And now I'm just about exactly where I was last night. We have the first part of the image, but what about the next part(s)? If this turns into a hunt spanning more than a few days, with us putting images together like a jigsaw puzzle, I think I'm going to wind up telling the police. They might be able to track the kidnappers' movements using NTAC 4400 profiles... But the kidnappers would know, wouldn't they?


Well, I'm off to the 'net again, looking for part 2 of the image.

Until later!

Luc, Im willing to help you find Emmy, but I need to know something...what arent you telling us. I know you know something that your keeping quiet...we cant help you if we dont know everything...

I'm not hiding anything from you! What would I have to gain by doing that? I want to help my girlfriend, nothing more. I'm not going to take your money or stalk you. I just want your help. Every time I know something, you'll know it too.

I promise.


For now. You might find this interesting though.

How old is this friend of yours? I'll have you know, we don't let anyone under 21 into the club. I don't know what you're suggesting, and I don't like the way this conversation is going. This correspondence is done.

Linda F.
I never told her Emmys age.

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