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My World Is Falling Apart

I went to Emmy's house, as I promised her I would. Right when I finished my last post, I left. I told my mother I was going to the movies with Em, so I'd have a few hours to persuade her not to take the promycin injection. Dad's away on business, and the twins were at day care.

I never would have expected what I found at Emmy's house... I'm still in shock.

All of the windows were broken. The front door was cracked in half, so it was easy for me to get inside. The entire interior was destroyed. There were papers everywhere, and something that looked like spilled sugar all over the place. Furniture was overturned, there was green paint all over the walls, and Emmy wasn't there. Neither was her mother.

However, I did find a note taped to the mirror in the bathroom. That note scared me senseless. Someone kidnapped Emmy and her 4400 mother, and they're planning to force Emmy to gain an ability. They said I have a chance to save her, but they're going to lead me on some kind of a hunt, sending me clues or whatever over the Internet. If I go to the police, the deal's off and they're going to inject her and kill her mother. I'm going to have to figure out passwords and email all the right people and access various websites... I have to confess, I don't know what I'm doing. I need help. Badly.

I'm going to post whatever correspondence I get from them here, on my blog. It's technically not going to the police, is it? I hope you can help me help Emmy before she's turned into a freak like the rest of the 4400.

Look for an update tomorrow; I have to set up my scanner to get you their note.

Until then, check out the Seattle Roll Call website. I think Emmy's captors are watching my blog. Ever since I posted a link to the Roll Call site, weird things have cropped up. I think something's going on... maybe their site was hacked. I wonder if this is the beginning of the trail to Emmy.

Anyway, I have to go work fixing the scanner. Stupid Katy sat on it last night. (Katy's one of my twin sisters.) Hopefully I'll be able to post the note tomorrow afternoon.

I really hope you'll be able to help me solve their sick "clues" so I can help my friend.

Scary thought... what if they were there when Emmy called me before? What if someone held a knife to her throat as she told me about the man giving her the green hypodermic needle? What if I could have gotten there in time to see... something. Anything...

I can't think like that. All I can do is play their game and help her.
Thank you.