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I'm Stuck In Prison (Kind of)

Last night I had to watch the twins again, and they were a handful. I
wasn't able to get online to check SRC and Eye14 for updates. I managed to
get two or three hours of sleep last night, but that's about it. When I did
fall asleep, I had a terrifying nightmare. Emmy was sitting alone in a bare
cell. She was backed into the corner with her head in her hands, her hair
hanging down over her face. She was wearing a white nightgown, and there
was something that looked horribly like blood on her sleeve. A hidden door
opened, and someone pushed a bowl of water and a hunk of bread through, and the door slammed shut.

What if that's actually happening? I wouldn't doubt that one of her
kidnappers can project images through space to my head... maybe when I
finally fell asleep I saw through the eyes of one of her captors. That
thought is almost too hard to bear. I have to keep telling myself she's

I couldn't do it. I couldn't fake sick enough to stay home from school
today. Mom saw through it immediately; she could see I was tired, but she
said that was my own fault, so I had to go.

I'm desperate here. I can't get onto the SRC website from school (stupid
Internet blocks.) Accordingly, I'm not going to be able to get the next
part of the image. I'm really hoping the clue isn't time-sensitive, because
if it is, I'm in serious trouble. That's where you guys come in.

I saw on the forum that you guys are following some kind of an email trail that ends today. What does that mean? You claim you found the clue on my father's band's website. That's great, but there's one problem with that:
My father's band doesn't HAVE a website. He is always grumbling about how
he has issues with technology and really needs to set up a site for Rain On
Raineer one of these days, but he never gets around to it. So how did you
find one?

I have to go... I'm switching class periods. I'll post later.

The website link is under scheduel on the SCR website, ctrl+A the page....we have yet to recive the final email but i shall try again.

Luc: new image!


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