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I Can Hear The Fireworks

There are loud explosions outside... I'm assuming it's fireworks from the homecoming game. They have fireworks every year, and every year the fireworks are amazing. And yet here I sit, home, alone.

Dav, great job working on those profiles from the video. I tend to agree with what you've gotten there. That's better than I can do, anyway. We'll just have to see if we get some kind of confirmation from The Eye of the Snake.

Today, after I got home, Mom let me know that Carol (our friend with cancer) went in for a CAT Scan. She has several tumors, but they think they can remove them safely. We need to hope the cancer hasn't metasticized (did I spell that right?), and then this should be over. She might not need chemo after all. Mom also asked me if everything has been all right lately. She said while I was at school today someone called, but when she answered they hung up. The Caller ID (which was blocked those times Emmy called) said Linda Fontaine. I'm really glad she didn't talk to my mother... Mom would be furious if she finds out I've been keeping this a secret from her.

Tomorrow, Emmy will have been gone for a week.

I'm sitting here waiting for something to happen. I'm considering going on AIM tonight, but I'm afraid of what I'll find. What if eye14of14snake14 is on? What if they tell me they've injected Emmy and killed her mother?

What if I'm supposed to go on and I don't?

What if...

I'm hoping nothing more happens tonight. I really need sleep. Badly. Tonight is my night for that.

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