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Emmy Just Called

Ok, in the interest of keeping this blog lively and all, I want to post about everything that's happening to me.

Almost right when I finished posting just now, the phone rang. I picked it up and it was Emmy. She told me she was walking home yesterday after school and some guy standing on the street corner offered her a glowing green hypodermic needle and told her it would make her a 4400. Supposedly it was full of promycin or however you spell it... you know, that neurotransmitter that's been in the news lately. It gives people freak-o powers. This random guy told her she should inject the green goo into her arm, and she'd get an "ability" like the rest of the 4400.

Emmy told me that Jordan Collier sanctioned this handing out of abilities, so it must have been real. I freaked, starting to realize where she was going. "Emmy this guy came back from the dead somehow and is handing hypodermic needles! He's a psycho!" But that wasn't enough... she took the shot.

She hasn't used it yet, though.

She wants me to go over her house later to help her with something. I'm kind of scared, actually. What if she's turned into a monster?